DUDEiCON™ connects friends and families while promoting safe texting and consideration for fellow dudes everywhere.  Dude! It’s not just about you, but about other dudes, too.  We’re not just dudes, we’re dudes doin’ good.

We’ve got dudes and we’ve got CelebriDude icons and phrases, too.  Through Dudes Doin’ Good™, we are partnering with celebrities and charities to create awesome CelebriDude icons and phrases with profits going to causes and organizations dudes love and support.

Suggest a Dude
We’re listening, dudes!  Is there a celebrity you would totally love to see featured in the DUDEiCON app?  Is there a certain cause or charity you want to support through DUDEiCON?  Send us suggestions, dudes — we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

Dudes in the News
We’re just one app, but we’re on a mission to help millions of people all over the world through different charities and organizations.  We’ll post our progress here.  Which means progress for everybody, dudes.