Hey, dudes, DUDEiCON™ Mobile App isn’t rocket science, but sometimes even the most tech-savvy dudes need some help.  Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to the dudes here at DUDEiCON. Contact Us

What is DUDEiCON?

DUDEiCON is the first app to integrate free mobile text messaging with extremely cool, audio-enabled emoticons that you can send to your friends and family.

As the DUDEiCON Nation grows, we’ll be building the DUDEiCON Library, releasing new phrases and icons basically when we feel like it.  Partly kidding, dudes — if we’re not giving you enough dudes or the right dudes, just let us know.

So far, we’ve got several cool, utterly and completely free packages — Dude Basics, Hi/Bye/Meet-Up and My Bad (because, let’s face it, dudes, sometimes dudes mess up and we’ve got to dude-up and apologize).

Just a few of the goodies we’ve got on deck: Dude ‘Tudes, Loser Dudes and Dude Kudos.

Be sure and check the notification box so we can send you a heads-up when new packages hit the stores (app stores, that is).

And ok, we’re going to be giving you lots of free stuff but every so often we’re going to produce some primo stuff — not that all of our stuff isn’t primo — because dudes need dough.  If you want it, buy it.  Don’t want it, don’t buy it.  We are, of course, totally cool about the whole deal.

DUDEiCON is more than just a text messaging app, more than just dudes-with-emotion.  It’s also a way to help charitable organizations raise money with… CelebriDude™!  That’s right — the world’s coolest dudes recording their favorite phrases for their favorite causes.

Why 'dude'?

Because dude is everyone, everywhere and everything.  Useful in every situation, dude is one of the most versatile, hard-working words in the English language.

How do you pronounce DUDEiCON?

Dude, don’t sound like a total noob.  It’s pronounced DUDE-ih-con, not dude-EYE-con.

Can DUDEiCON send messages to people who don't have the app?

Sorry, dudes, only DUDEiCON users can send and receive DUDEiCON messages.  So be sure to share the app and invite your friends and family to join the DUDEiCON Nation.

Can I create my own DUDEiCON recordings or icons?

We’re working on it, dudes!  We’ll keep you posted.

How much does DUDEiCON cost?

DUDEiCON is free to download from the Apple and Google Play stores.  We will be releasing new DUDEiCON packages for purchase.  We want DUDEiCON to be affordable, dudes — most packages are only 99¢.

Is it really free to send messages?

Yes!  We use the latest web-based app technology, meaning you can send and receive messages without using your carrier’s messaging plan.  Rather than using your messaging plan, DUDEiCON uses a small amount of data from your data plan making text messaging affordable and essentially unlimited.

Can I send DUDEiCON messages internationally?

Yes, we’re all about connecting dudes everywhere!  DUDEiCON will soon allow users to send messages to fellow dudes anywhere in the world, as long as they have the DUDEiCON app on their mobile phone and a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.  Right now, we’re only available in select countries, but we’ll be keeping users posted as the app gets rolled out in new countries.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Certainly, dude!  Just enter your registered email address on the log-in screen and click the forgot password button.  A new password will be sent to you via email. Piece of cake, dude!

Why isn't the audio playing when I send or receive a DUDEiCON?

Dude, turn up your volume and make sure your phone isn’t on silent.

I'm a brand, celebrity or organization and would like information about partnering with you to create a CelebriDude™ for charity or brand-sponsored icons and phrases. Who can I contact?

Awesome, dude — we’d love to hear from you.  Just fill out the form on the Contact page and one of our team members will get in touch.