Being a real dude means following the way of dude. Need a refresh?  No worries, dude, we keep a comprehensive list that covers the rules of being a dude that we call the DudeCode.  We’ll be sharing them with you here and also on Facebook.  So, for your enjoyment and edification — LOLs and learning, dudes — here’s a few for your review:

#1 Don’t text and drive.  Seriously, dudes don’t do it.

#2 Should a sporting event go into overtime, a real dude never leaves early to “beat traffic.”

#3 A dude never eats pizza with a knife and fork.

#4 A dude doesn’t attempt to talk gangsta, unless they are in fact gangsta.

#5 A dude knows how to dance and isn’t afraid to be the first, and only, one on the dance floor.  For dudes who insist they can’t dance: get over yourself and just dance.

#6 Dude is a state of mind, not which restroom you use.

#7 A dude loves bacon, for the simple reason that bacon is amazing, unless you’re a vegetarian, which is cool, too.

#8 A dude never rejects a fellow dude’s high-five.

#9 A dude always honors the secrets of another dude unless the secret breaks the DudeCode.

#10 A dude never borrows another dude’s phone without permission, unless it’s to make sure they have downloaded DUDEiCON™.